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AHEPA Service Coordinators Provide Care, Confidence, and Comfort

We have the daily honor of aiding and assisting our residents who are navigating new ways of living and personal and environmental changes. At times, many of our residents find these changes to be disorienting, but we’re always happy to step in and lend a helping hand or an ear to listen. Recently, a few of our residents experienced some challenges, and our caring Service Coordinators (SC) happily jumped at the opportunity to provide help.

Keeping Up in an Ever-Changing World

A resident of an AHEPA affordable housing community in Texas informed his service coordinator that he was consistently late paying his electric bill, and his electricity had been disconnected twice. The resident was distressed, and the situation had begun to take a toll on his self-esteem. When our SC found out about the resident’s plight, she was quick to provide reassurance and encouragement to the gentleman. She also immediately began to educate the resident on money management. She patiently assisted him with setting up budget billing with his utility company so that he would know exactly how much his monthly bill would be. She also helped the resident set up automatic bill pay so his payments would be on time every month.

By making these small but impactful changes, the resident avoided lease violations and even possible eviction with power disconnection. Because of the care and compassion of our dedicated staff, this resident can remain in his apartment and continue to age in place.

 Dignity and Quality Care for All

During a new resident assessservicecoordment at one of our communities, our service coordinator discovered the state had condemned the new resident’s previous home for its unsanitary conditions, and he was only allowed to take his medications and clothing. The gentleman was out of options and stayed at a shelter for a month while on the waiting list for an AHEPA community. The resident also confided in our SC that he had no food, clothes, money, or furniture.

Upon hearing this, his SC immediately sprang into action to assist. To start, she began calling the two nearest grocery stores, explained the situation, and submitted letters on behalf of the resident. The SC secured $200 in gift cards for him to purchase food and other necessary personal items. She also contacted a local food pantry and picked up several bags of food and toiletries for the resident, and she didn’t stop there! Wanting to help him feel more at home, she contacted several churches and Goodwill locations in the area for household items and furniture donations.

Because of the SC’s passion for quality care and dignity for all, our resident was given a new bed, sofa, and other home items. While many of us take everyday things like this for granted, to an older person in need without other options, these items are their link to security, comfort, and dignity.

Passion for People

While it may sound cliché, caring for others is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to creating safe, healthy, and inviting communities for our residents and providing them with the tools and help they need to age in place.

If you or a loved one are interested in affordable housing or assisted living, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our communities.

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AHEPA is Celebrating Older Americans Month

older americansAHEPA is Celebrating Older Americans Month

Older adults play vital, positive roles in our communities – as family members, friends, mentors, volunteers, civic leaders, members of the workforce, and more. Just as every person is unique, so too is how they age and how they choose to do it – and there is no “right” way. That’s why the theme for Older Americans Month (OAM) 2022 is Age My Way.

Every May, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) leads the celebration of OAM. This year’s theme focuses on how older adults can age in their communities, living independently for as long as possible and participating in ways they choose.

Happy Older American’s Month!

While Age My Way will look different for each person, here are common things everyone can consider:

  • Planning: Think about what you will need and want in the future, from home and community-based services to community activities that interest you.
  • Engagement: Remain involved and contribute to your community through work, volunteer, and/or civic participation opportunities.
  • Access: Make home improvements and modifications, use assistive technologies, and customize supports to help you better age in place.
  • Connection: Maintain social activities and relationships to combat social isolation and stay connected to your community.

This year, we are excited to celebrate OAM with our partners in the aging community and our residents. Throughout the month, we will be hosting events for our residents and sharing information about healthy aging with those who need it, just like you see here from our Newport, Rhode Island, residents, who celebrated creativity. Follow along on our social media accounts to see the fun!

For more information, visit the official OAM website, the AHEPA Management Company website, and join the conversation using #OlderAmericansMonth.

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HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge: A Landmark Visit and Why It Matters to Older Adults

AHEPA Affordable Housing Management was thrilled to welcome U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge, and several members of Congress, to one of our six senior living communities in Houston last month. This was particularly exciting as it was the first visit by a HUD secretary to an AHEPA community! Our team guided Secretary Fudge on a campus tour of our AHEPA 29 Senior Apartments, which offer very low-income adults age 62 and older, safe and well maintained, residential apartments.  These communities provide supportive services that allow residents to continue living independently as they age in place. During her visit, Secretary Fudge also met with many of our residents, board members, and staff.

Why the Visit?

Secretary Fudge traveled to Houston to host a town hall meeting where she announced $45 million would be given to combat the homelessness in the city. While noting that the cost of housing has risen dramatically, she encouraged the crowd by stating the Biden administration will be building 100,000 new affordable homes in the next two years.

“We know to get prices down; we have to build more housing. There is no other answer to it,” Secretary Fudge said. “The only thing we can do is use the money from the Rescue Plan and others to build more housing. It’s just supply and demand. Because we don’t have enough supply, the demand is so high that the prices continue to rise. So in order to take the stress off the market, we have to put new affordable housing in the market.”

The secretary’s visit to Houston also sent a strong signal that older adults are not to be forgotten when it comes to affordable housing. It came on the heels of a historic investment by Congress in HUD-assisted housing for communities such as ours—a 21% increase above the previous fiscal year—the largest increase since 2010. AHEPA Affordable Housing Management understands the need and demand for affordable housing for older adults in Houston as waitlist submissions for our area communities are the highest in our nationwide portfolio.

The concerning waitlist figures will continue as increased demand for HUD-assisted housing, especially for older adults, is expected. A May 2020 Government Accountability Report (GAO) report on Rental Housing found, “The late middle-aged group (50–64 years) experienced the largest estimated increase in the number of renter households—an increase of 4 million households—and accounted for more than half of the total increase in renter households from 2001 through 2017.”  The GAO noted many of these households have not recovered from the financial crisis, and the GAO cited a Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies report that this group has lower incomes and higher rentership rates than previous generations. Therefore, quality affordable housing for seniors must remain a priority in Washington and in our hometowns.


Honoring the Service                              

During her visit with residents, Secretary Fudge went out of her way to make the visit personal and memorable. She respectfully presented AHEPA Affordable Housing Management Maintenance Supervisor Roberto Selgado with an American flag. This flag is particularly meaningful, as it once flew over the U.S. Capitol. Secretary Fudge personally thanked Selgado for his dutiful 22 years of service. Additionally, she presented our President and CEO, Steve Beck, with an American flag that will remain at AHEPA 29 Senior Apartments.

Celebrating the Future

2022 is the centennial anniversary of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), whose chapters are sponsors of most of the properties AHEPA Affordable Housing Management runs, and whose members serve on our board. We could not be happier that an emphasis and a commitment to affordable housing for all, particularly very low-income seniors, is being made. At AHEPA Affordable Housing Management we aspire to give back to our communities. We are encouraged to see others join us in working towards dignified housing for all and following the bold vision set forth by AHEPA’s founders.


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Understanding Assisted Living


Families comparing their choices for senior living are often concerned about things like care, community maintenance, and quality of life. Many also fear they might be sending their loved ones into a place that won’t care for their cherished family in a way they would like. While understandable, these fears could not be farther than the truth for Hellenic Senior Living by ASL. When evaluating living options, it is important to begin with an understanding of what assisted living actually means.

1. Assisted Living communities are quite different from nursing homes.

roomNursing homes and other skilled nursing facilities are for seniors with chronic health issues requiring skilled care provided by registered nurses or therapists. On the contrary, in an assisted living community, you’ll just get the care you need to make daily life easier. Whether you need help with medication, assistance in getting to and from activities, or additional checks on your welfare, an assisted living community will provide you with care tailored to your unique situation.

2. Assisted living is more affordable than you might think.

Our communities are designed for seniors that need some assistance with their expenses. In fact, our assisted living communities are often similar to your expenses at home; when you combine rent, dining, home upkeep and personal support expenses such as at-home care, our communities are often similar in cost or a better alternative.

3. Residents maintain autonomy over their day.

Assisted living communities offer many activities and choices for things to do throughout the day, but no one is ever required to attend. You will still have the freedom to choose how you’d like to spend your days, and that includes enjoying your meals when you want to eat and leaving the community to participate in favorite activities. The wonderful thing about assisted living communities is that you stay in charge, but we offer you a full array of options for activities and the community of residents to keep you socially engaged.

4. An Assisting Living community is truly a home.

Assisted living communities are set up like an apartment complex. You will be able to have your own unit and furnish it in a way that makes you comfortable and is truly your home. You will only have visitors when you want them, and no one will just enter your apartment without knocking and getting prior consent. Assisted living communities are set up to provide you with support, on a schedule that works for you and helps you to maintain your privacy.

5. Assisted living communities help their residents live life to the fullest.

paintAssisted living communities simply provide you with a bit of support so that you can maintain your independence and live life the way you’d like. In fact, there are so many options for fellowship with other community members, and so many activities, that life is enhanced, not diminished.

Assisted living communities have evolved to serve the needs of active older adults. They take away the stresses of daily life so residents can truly live life to the fullest. Most importantly, assisted living communities provide a sense of community with other older adults so that the loneliness that often accompanies aging is diminished.

To learn more, visit us here.

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